About Us


Consignment is a smart, hassle-free way to sell your car. It is chosen by clients who:
  • Do not want the severely discounted trade-in values offered at a new car dealer.
  • Do not want to waste their free time negotiating with people "just looking" and indecisive.
  • Do not want the hassle of advertising, marketing and selling their vehicle. They understand their Saturdays and evenings are better spent on other activities.
 Private sellers enjoy many benefits through our consignment program:
  • We will advertise and market your automobile in ways we have found succeed for their brand and quality of vehicle utilizing print, automobile websites, car clubs websites and auctions.
  • We will submit their vehicle to our large network of dealers, collectors and brokers.
  • We will field phone calls and emails, and show your car at any time chosen by the buyer.
  • We can assist in bank financing and offer an extended warranty on your automobile.

All cars considered for consignment are first required to undergo an inspection in which we evaluate your vehicle for condition, authenticity, and current market demand and pricing. We will furnish a full report of our findings and conclusions. We look forward to working with you.

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